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£4.95 / month

£49.50 / year

Maximise the performance of your Thinkware T700 Connected Dash Cam with our exclusive SIM plans.

Opt for either a flexible monthly subscription or secure a year’s subscription upfront for greater savings. The importance of a reliable data connection for a connected device cannot be overstated. That’s why our sophisticated SIM plan stands apart from standard operator SIM cards by not being tied to any single network provider.

Our SIM intelligently switches to the strongest network available in your area, ensuring optimal connectivity. It works across 61 networks in 34 countries, providing the finest connection quality for your Thinkware T700.

Strong Impact Notifications while Driving
Impact Notifications when Parked
Send Emergency Message
Remote Live View
Vehicle Status & Driving History
Captured Image of Most Recent Parking

Access by many means

Thinkware CONNECTED can be accessed through the smartphone app as well as via a web browser on both mobile and desktop devices.

For a comprehensive overview of the driving behaviour of each vehicle connected to your account, the desktop version’s dashboard is particularly useful. For fleet owners requiring to oversee multiple vehicles, utilising Thinkware CONNECTED on a desktop or laptop offers a more convenient management solution.